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Woolgoolga new south wales

From evidence obtained at Mount Browne and Tiboooburra, where the leads probably rest upon Lower Cretaceous rocks, the age of the deposits is regarded provisionally as Middle Cretaceous. Economy[ edit ] Kempsey has a history of economic problems and disadvantage. In many places new minerals are formed, of which the composition represents a compromise between the constituents of the invading magma and those of the invading rock. They proceeded to a spot 2 miles above the junction of Lewis Ponds and Summer Hill Creek, and on the 12th February, , Hargraves washed out six pans of earth, obtaining a grain of gold in each, with the exception of one. It serves as a more upmarket establishment for lunch and dinner. Structural alteration is produced also, and is reflected in areas of fracture and minor faulting, with zones of shear or crush in places, as at Cullinga. Irregular deposits, such as masses of ironstone containing gold. However, by the richer leads were worked out and the chief work carried out was by stripping off the clay and sand overburden which was later sluiced.

Woolgoolga new south wales

These replacement deposits occur mainly within ancient rocks, which have suffered much alteration. The stream may be destroyed altogether by its valley being filled with lava usually basalt and forming what is known as a basalt-covered deep lead. There is the possibility of obtaining payable gold in the drainage channels leading down from high-level gravels or basalt-covered deposits of auriferous gold-bearing drift. From evidence obtained at Mount Browne and Tiboooburra, where the leads probably rest upon Lower Cretaceous rocks, the age of the deposits is regarded provisionally as Middle Cretaceous. These channels were filled with gravel, sand, and clay, and the recovery of the gold necessitated comparatively deeper sinking. Attention should first be paid to all watercourses; if the colours of gold are obtained, the prospector can proceed to test all likely places in the vicinity. Recent and Pleistocene alluvial deposits being the most accessible were the first to be discovered. Likewise the quantity of material deposited along stream channels and in depressions was considerably in excess of the more recent accumulations. For the purpose of consideration of the sources of supply of gold it has been found convenient to arrange this information under headings according to the mode of occurrence of the gold-bearing deposits. Adelong ranks as one of the major-producing districts in N. The lode material is composed of quartz with a sulphide of iron, zinc, and a little copper; iron pyrites predominating. In addition to free gold, a considerable quantity of gold is associated intimately with iron pyrites. The romance attending the search of gold and the expectation of fortunes thus to be quickly made, attracted pioneers and immigrants of the most desirable type to Australia, and thus assisted to stabilize, in the most material manner, the beginnings of its young nationhood. Payable gold mineralization, both reef and alluvial, was first discovered in In some occurrences, the gold values are not confined to the quartz alone, but are present also in the altered rocks in a manner such that the whole width of a bed may be mined profitably. In it was reported in the Sydney Morning Herald that Kempsey was experiencing violent crime linked to ice addiction. About the middle of March, , Hargraves explained to Lister, James Tom and William Tom a younger brother how to make and use a cradle similar to that used in California. The greater proportion of the gold set free from the weathering of reefs is washed into the sands and gravels of adjoining watercourses to form alluvial deposits. Usually, in this instance, if the true bottom has been reached pieces of the decomposed bedrock will be found. It is still envisaged that the ground covering part of the base of Sheep Station Creek and Araluen Creek would still be viable for gold prospecting. The areas around Cowabbie and Yeranjerry have been prospected for gold in the past, however, records show that some good gold returns came from Mallee Hen Mine at Murrill Creek. It is recorded that , ounces of gold were won in less than 12 months from a number of small claims. Such deposits are worked by stripping, the gold being recovered by sluicing or puddling. In this way old stream channels may be detected. The older leads may be cut across by new streams forming still other alluvial deposits. Very little free gold is visible in the quartz; it is associated commonly with the sulphides.

Woolgoolga new south wales

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  1. The clubhouse and courts are located on the corner of Nightingale and Scarborough Streets. They are usually tabular in shape, and relatively narrow in cross section.

  2. There is usually live music on Friday and Saturday nights and a function room upstairs where larger gigs take place. This area is not subject to the flooding that the CBD occasionally sees and is seen as a second business district with a variety of businesses and banking facilities.

  3. Hargraves then visited the Wellington — Dubbo district and, in the meantime, John Lister and James Tom visited the Turon River where they found a nice speck of gold. In many places new minerals are formed, of which the composition represents a compromise between the constituents of the invading magma and those of the invading rock.

  4. This specimen is the largest yet recorded in the world. Formally it was impracticable in many instances to extract by ordinary methods the gold contained in gravels occupying the beds of present day streams, mainly owing to the presence of large bodies of water.

  5. The gold is precipitated from the solution by ferrous sulphate or sulphuretted hydrogen, and the resulting product refined.

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