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Wayside episodes

Meanwhile, Kidswatter sees his future from the last time he ate Mushroom Surprise and wants to change it. All of their protests end up making the school better, so Kidswatter disguises himself as a student to stop them. But things get worse when Myron Ovens wants to become Eric again. This episode reveals that Shari can cook. Shari is once again awake after Mr. Can Kidswatter beat this match before Le Chef takes over the school? Starting from this episode the series is now in flash animation with Adobe Flash , and most of the characters have different looks. The first season excluding the pilot was released on August 29, under the title Wayside School:

Wayside episodes

Joe manages to hide rabbits and a chipmunk in his large orange afro. Also, there were two instances of superpowers in this episode: It has several changes from the English cartoon apart from the language. Todd now needs to get the note back from everyone including Kidswatter who gets lies saying the note says how much Mr. She ends up canceling the show, and tells the people to ignore all the advice they received, much to Myron's chagrin. During the exam, Maurecia tries to pass a note to Todd but accidentally gets it passed to Eric Fry who starts a chain of the whole class answering Maurecia's note. When Dana bumps Jenny's bike onto the ramp, it comes back, only with the seat signed by Mrs. After Kidswatter talks to the kids, he then talks to one final witness, a cow, and the cow explains that Kidswatter destroyed both his office and rubber band ball when he put another rubber band on the ball. But things get worse when Myron Ovens wants to become Eric again. Dougherty II of Fulve Drive-In gave a negative assessment of the series, describing it as "a disgrace to the novels" and believed it "totally strips away any intelligence or meaning they had. Goon, Dana's older brother, visits and Myron wants to be a rebel just like him, but he's not a rebel. Kidswatter sings his K-Man song in Kidswatter Opus. It's a regular day at Wayside. But one day when Maurecia and Principal Kidswatter bump into each other because of Maurecia's wheels , Kidswatter bans all round things from Wayside School including Maurecia's wheels and everything round becomes squared. The kids are assigned to make a movie about Principal Kidswatter for the new movie making class, and Todd is cast in the lead role. The buttons from top to bottom are: Todd's group learns how to survive. Sammy is terribly sick but dead so Miss Mush randomly asks Dana to watch him while she goes on a hunt for the golden pot of Mamaland that makes food to cure the sick. When Dana is tired of organizing the class, Jenny lets her use her bike to see all 30 floors of Wayside, including the non-existent 19th floor. Jewls gets a high score in pinball. But before Dana rides into the 19th floor's boarded up room, Jenny was able to talk Dana out of it by revealing there was a good reason she's never seen the 19th floor. The class watches the Kidswatter movie, and after the ending, tears are in Kidswatter's eyes. Meanwhile, Todd knows and tells the class that "Nick", who is Louis, exists. She hates it because she is last, slow and late for everything. Kidswatter is Myron's hero. Principal Kidswatter's office and rubber band ball are destroyed, and he ask Stephen, Myron, Dana, Maurecia, and Todd who did it. After yelling at Dana, Myron loses his voice, while Todd and Maurecia and the class are listening to Dana saying what Myron will do.

Wayside episodes

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