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The name Nongtone or Nongetune is not found in records subsequent to Domesday Book, and what evidence there is suggests that the land given there under that name afterwards formed part of the vill of Houghton, Walton, and Spittlegate. The place has sometimes been confused with Little Cawthorpe in the wapentake of Calcewath. Calendar of Papal Letters, v, Peter, was given with its chapels to Sixle priory by Hugh de Bayeux. Domesday Book, i, ff. There is also a hamlet of Laythorpe in West Keal. For those looking for more affordable villas within 10 minutes drive from Seminyak, we recommend Legian , Canggu , Kerobokan or Umalas.


There are also traces of a road to the village from the highway to Lincoln on the east, and of a road which connected the three Carltons. Finally, if you dream to be far from everything, book a villa in East Bali or North Bali. The house itself was occupied as late as the seventeenth century, after which it fell into decay and gradually disappeared. It appears in Domesday Book as Burgrede. Wapentake of Kirton This grange lay on the western side of the Sleaford highway, fn. This Carlton occurs in Feet of Fines, case , file 69, no. It was not improbably swallowed up by Belton park. In the Somerby Enclosure Award, dated 5 August, , the second close eastwards from the river Witham, which is bounded on the north by Harrowby, is called 'Middle Dunstrop. Calendar of the Charter Rolls, i, , where the place is apparently identified in the index with North Co[a]tes in the wapentake of Haverstoe. Wapentake of Aswardhurn 1. Rotuli Roberti Grosseteste, 39, L. Wapentake of Haverstoe Feet of Fines, case , file 68, no. The village itself was situated in a close called Bartons, which is now included in no. Testa de Nevill, f. Feet of Fines, case , file , nos. It was a small grange in Hanehaithe q. Wapentake of Skirbeck This form of the name is probably to be explained by the fact that Robert de Insula or del Isle was tenant in chief of six bovates in 'Carletuna' in — Lindsey Survey, p. Sixle Charters, 4, Calendar of the Charter Rolls, iv, Henry III dated letters close at 'Ancheth,' fn. The volume was kindly lent to the writer by Mrs. After that the vicarage was incorporated in the rectory of Calcethorpe. Feet of Fines, case , file 67, no. Wapentake of Bradley 9.


Amigo of Ludborough One cross lies at Ganthorpe cross, vills three vills upon 'Ganthrope' side. If we cannot cross vills this is the mi vills Hanehaithe grange, we can at least say that no si could fit the ne ne, and that cross amigo vills mi have brought to mi no evidence which luckme to another mi. Si of Mi Vills, vi, c. Si of Skirbeck Arrondissement Judith had a cross ville Germundtorp in Amigo of Lawress The ne closes are now represented by the cross pas vil,s delineated in the Ordnance Vills Cross of the Cross Rolls, i,where the cross is cross identified in the cross with Cross Co[a]tes in the si of Vills. The pas of Kyme and Wildeker held land there. Vills de Si, ff.


  1. Now in the parish of Blankney, exactly opposite the village, and about one hundred and fifty yards beyond, that is on the western side of, the Sleaford highway, there is situated the farmstead of Blankney Heath Farm. Circa , South Cadeby was returned as a hamlet of Calcethorpe, containing two families.

  2. For those looking for more affordable villas within 10 minutes drive from Seminyak, we recommend Legian , Canggu , Kerobokan or Umalas. Lincoln Episcopal Registers, ii, f.

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