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The unwanteds quiz

Aaron- Alex's twin brother. Simber - An animated statue of a winged cheetah who protects Artime. Today - The Head Mage and creator of Artime. Lani then has the idea to rally up the necessaries against the new high priest, as she has started to kill necessaries and unwanteds that went to Quill in the last book. Resentful of this fact until she learns her father, already knowing about Artime, had it done to get her out of Quill. He saves Aaron's life by giving making him eat a piece of seaweed that gives him his life, but also gives him eternal life. But Liam escapes and brings the twins to Artime. Henry Haluki - Crow's friend and Lani's little brother.

The unwanteds quiz

On the day of the purge, identical twins Alex and Aaron stowe await their fate. He is also the twin of evil High Priest Justine. Kaylee Jones - A girl from our world, who stumbles into theirs. Henry Haluki takes the seaweed from the Island of Shipwrecks, which if consumed grants immortality, to the giant crab. He does, and they recognize him as Alex, so they raid the palace, and accidentally capture Aaron, and they then send him off to the island of shipwrecks. Simber - An animated statue of a winged cheetah who protects Artime. Some time later, Warbler and the pirates launch their attack on Artime. Twin brother to Aaron, one of the original villains, he becomes a powerful fighter and, eventually, the Head Mage of Artime. Main protagonists[ edit ] Alex Stowe - is the main character. Island Of Legends[ edit ] During Artime's first annual masquerade ball, hundreds of lights appear across the sea. Artime expands its magical boundaries to encompass the rest of the island in order to restore Quill. He is then rescued by Isibashi san, Ito san and Sato san. In the book there are a few chapters that are about the pirates from the Island of Legends. On the way back, Simber freezes, and crashes into the sea, because of Mr. But Alex does not have time to save here on the way, but promise to save her on their way back. As Alex and Sky use the Claire to go to each of the islands that Aaron could be in, they meet the queen of the ocean, a water dragon named Pan who asks them for wings but does not tell why. This is not consistent throughout, Aaron becomes a protagonist. After rescuing her, they find Gondoleery Rattrap to be more tyrannical and cruel than they thought. Fortunately, he arrives in the hour of calm, but has fainted from the near-death experience. There they meet three scientists, who help them survive. But when Alex and the other Unwanteds face the Eliminators, they discover an eccentric magician named Mr. Once they set out, however, some of their friends are taken to the island's underwater holding cell by a huge eel. He saves Aaron's life by giving making him eat a piece of seaweed that gives him his life, but also gives him eternal life. Claire Morning - Mr. It was said that he was like a father to Samheed Burkesh. The pirates think that Aaron is Alex.

The unwanteds quiz

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  1. After weeks in a small fishing boat tied to back of the pirates ship, they untie the rope and send him in the direction of the island of shipwrecks. Even during the battle Alex hasn't forgotten his promise to rescue Sky's mother from Pirate Island.

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