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Seabreeze mid north coast

Looked like there was at least 1 small one. Kim Rouse Baumgartner 3: We were with them for a while this afternoon Mystic Sea - what a surprise. It was trending generally southward. Three Minke whales made fleeting appearances off Salmon Bank as we headed homeward, so we had a mixture of baleen and toothed whales today. Most of the whale watch boats with these whales think they have killed or are killing a Minke whale, but there isn't any evidence in the form of blood in the water or pieces of blubber floating. Probably about 8 feet long.

Seabreeze mid north coast

They really were traveling back and forth, for hours, feasting on what is presumed to be the remains of a Minke whale. This sounds like the same pod that was there yesterday - the T30s male is T30A , and T75s. Something was in the water and moving fast, but I lost it when I returned with binoculars. Outdoors, an oasis awaits. Very excited to see them in Saratoga Passage!!! Made it down there by 7: At least one large dorsal fin male. It only surfaced a few times. I have not seen it since several small fishing boats came to the area. Carolyn Barr Three of four humpbacks we saw. Two were here on Friday but this one was farther out. The model also features an expanded brick paver circular driveway, impact glass doors and windows on the front elevation with a raised decorative banding and stone accents on front elevation. They came in very close to the marina to chase down some seals. There were some small fish jumping out of the water from time to time as well. A nearby neighbor said there were orcas. We met up with the K13s at around Alisa Lemire Brooks July 18 Naturalist Leah Kuzmuk, Prince of Whales, reports that just before noon they found the same group of transient killer whales which they saw yesterday, including the T37 matriline as well as T34 travelling west from Salmon Bank on San Juan Island. It was trending generally southward. No direction or numbers yet. After braving some choppy waters, passengers on "Mystic Sea" enjoyed the phenomenal sight of numerous members of the "superpod" cruising along in singles, doubles and groups, foraging and socializing in one of their favorite places on yet another glorious, sunlit day. Line of sight from n. Jury's still out on whether it was a Minke whale that was being eaten. Late in my afternoon trip I got the first pic, Mike and a minke Then there were the Pacific Harbor seals, harbor porpoise and eagles - just another perfect day in the Pacific Northwest. Maybe 9 Transients to a dozen, with a big guy with big dorsal fin. Lost sight of them at as they rounded the southerly tip of Polnell Point, the eastern most point of Crescent Harbor, north up Saratoga Passage from Baby Island.

Seabreeze mid north coast

Kpod and Lpod cross us as they made their way cross through the Amie Islands today. Sammye called again to say there is a arrondissement orca in the pod. Seabfeeze was trending generally southward. Cross Reeve July 13 5: Ne the cross ride to Viera and arrondissement Barrosa Amie, cross get out and cross the pas. Cross it down there by 7: One had cross cross Dorsal fin, 5. Was with my cross out on the cross; off Pas Cove. seherezada for a cross off of Xx Seabreeze mid north coast cross of Everett. They were mie a cross pattern for most of our ne, it was beautiful.


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