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Sara robb

Then I headed home to be asleep most Friday and Saturday nights by no later than 2am. I had more money in the bank balance, my skin looked considerably better and I actually enjoyed getting out of bed early morning to exercise. Alcohol contains a lot of calories Drinking makes you eat a lot more food, especially bad food like fries and desserts Quitting drinking gives you more energy which turns you into a fat-burning machine. I found that my relationships were considerably better — romantic and platonic. Set yourself a day-goal. My relationships have improved. Listen, I could still burn the midnight oil until 5am during my sobriety. We enjoy sharing a few drinks with friends.

Sara robb

Between three and six months I was in the zone. I decided that all the pros of not drinking outnumbered the cons. I also realized that despite not drinking, I was still managing to have wildly entertaining nights out — even with my drunken friends slurring their words around me. Little did I know then that 30 days would turn into six months alcohol-free. Set yourself a day-goal. In moderation, it can make us feel good. I never had a drinking problem. No Alcohol — 30 Day Challenge Guest post by: Conversations with women became much more interesting. But my story clearly shows some of the positive benefits you can get if you do quit. I paused and thought about it for a minute. I was never a big drinker. Even just reducing your alcohol consumption by a few drinks a week, I believe only positive things can happen. Stopping drinking eliminated it. One morning in , I awoke with a shocking hangover at the South by Southwest festival in Austin, Texas after a particularly fun night. I did, however, find I got tired at night time and went to sleep earlier. I could still be the life of the party with nobody even knowing. I sleep longer and deeper. I would go 30 days without drinking socially. But I got through those two weeks and I was off to the races. This is likely due to three main things: I found that my relationships were considerably better — romantic and platonic. Or just subtle ones? I ended up getting that gig and hosted SportsCenter for two years. See if it works for you.

Sara robb

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  1. March 12, , is five years to the day since I gave myself that initial day challenge. My Vitamin D levels have increased.

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