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Peppermint grove singapore

I've never felt such pain in my life. The couples massage was incredible and the staff is amazing. It was my first hot stone experience and it was divine. As you wait for your room, they walk you into the lounge where you receive a tray of Japanese tea and water to set in the soothing zen mood. Also you're given the option of showering. Stirling then confirmed his decision to establish a subcolony, the settlers' property was disembarked, and the town of Augusta declared at the site. Davies had a timber railway system that went to both Hamelin Bay and Flinders Bay jetties in the s. All in all, Tomoko was one of the most magical spa experiences we've ever experienced. This is a great experience.

Peppermint grove singapore

She kindly asked us to put on the traditional Japanese sandals and guided us into the lobby. Anyone else get like this? We were given plates of refreshments both hot and chilled tea and two pieces of dark and white chocolate per person and filled out our paperwork. The wait staff took down our massage preferences before leading us into our private massage room. Specially, if you guys want to have a couple massage, choose a more romantic and more beautiful space. Afterwards we were allowed to soak in the bath for 45 minutes. My husband loved it too so obviously we booked our second appointment right after our massage was over. Both the sushi and sweets were delicious! I must say that I am thoroughly impressed with the whole Japanese Experience package from start to finish. We also skipped on the tub experience, as much as I love hot tubs. We had the couple massage here and our masseuse were great and really know what they are doing. The Town Beach whale stranding, Just the way I like it. Make sure you don't drink too much tea because once they start massaging you, you'll have to hold in your piss and it'll feel really uncomfortable. You change into this kimono robe. We don't have a lot of time to hang out in the lounge, so I was only able to drink a bit of tea. Go to the next room where you change into the Japanese robe. This is a great experience. Also you're given the option of showering. We changed into our robes and the masseuses came in with more tea and began massaging our feet for about 15 minutes. The lobby had dimmed lights and calm music playing in the background, along with a scent that helped us forget where we were. This is where people come to feel special. No problem at all! Finally, the wait staff brought us our Sugarfish sushi!!! No pain, no gain people! I experienced next level pampering at my visit here in Tomoko.

Peppermint grove singapore

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  1. Did I mention after our massage finished we were given more tea? This man had strong thumbs and strong elbows let me tell you.

  2. We enjoyed every sip and bite, with lots of things to try including a variety of teas there was a yuzu one I particularly liked and chocolates. I was so relaxed.

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