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Marcus luttrell interview

Killing them was really not an option because they were noncombatants and they were unarmed… Retired Vice Admiral Joe Maguire says the only options the SEALs really had were to take the goat herders captive and try to get evacuated by helicopter or let them go. Only one of the SEALs survived. My back was broke, I had a frag laying everywhere. He was like, "Marcus, man, you gotta help me. And he knew, going out on that rock, what that meant — Joe Maguire: And-- he had come walking down it.

Marcus luttrell interview

Every time you fell you broke something. Did he say anything? That was the longest night of my life 'cause the sun had gone down. Two more herders showed up along with about 70 goats. But I broke right there. Even if those goatherders are going to rundown to the village and compromise your location? And he's my best friend. Even though, I mean… Joe Maguire: He had no idea I was there. The terrain proved just as vicious as the enemy. And even if he is in need, or if he is imminent danger, we must protect him. His three SEAL brothers were all dead or near death. I took my gloves off, washed my face. Had they seen you? Zip tying the goats s-- or just executing the goats. No, that was completely ripped off me. Run through the options that you-- that you talked about. I wish I would have is the answer to your question. I went in there and it was almost like living in a shrine. In spite of his wounds, he killed chasing Taliban with his rifle and grenades as he continued to evade capture. You were prepared to blow yourself up along with everybody else? They were on a ridge on this mountainside above where the SEALs had dug in. The Taliban came and sat down with me. Patton and Michael P. He had it in his head that he was-- this is what we were gonna do. Their job was to locate this man whom the four SEALs had only seen in grainy photographs. A chopper with 16 other Special Operations forces that had rushed to help Luttrell and his team was shot out of the sky.

Marcus luttrell interview

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  1. So you were concerned that if you killed them, you would be charged with murder. These are just you know unremarkable men who do absolutely remarkable things.

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