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Hot furk

Wash for your what?! Eileen Stoke on Trent Saying the time When giving the time "analogue style" most people would say "ten past four" and "five to three" for 4: Perhaps one to add to your list. Huge thanks to Jennifer for sending this in. Just for the variety. Talk about pouring salt in wounds. Clive Stoke-on-Trent keyholes for meddlers The full saying is as far as I know ''Keyholes for meddlers, boxes for fiddlers and crutches for lame ducks. Cheshire Donna M Deaville. Cigarettes AND nicotine gum.

Hot furk

The origins of the word remain a mystery to me. Another, elderly friend, from Michigan, USA was also visiting. And you must not be very good at hunting if you have to remind yourself to kill the deer. I have not noticed people from other parts of the country saying this. My father George was born in and was bilingual, English and North Staffs. Said to be true. Although, having lived throughout S Staffs, I've never heard it spoken there at all. Seriously, this is a Very Important Message. To bruff yer teef. Your standard PMS shopping list. Possibly another derivation of an obscure, traditional pottery industry process? I like this list because someone is obviously trying to start a new home. Want to contribute lists to the collection? Snappin is also used in North Staffs to mean the same, as my dear 'owd grandad' did.. Two of the three things on your shopping list are things you can get for free at home? Cheshire Donna M Deaville. Self-directed sarcasm, bad dogs. Ween fans almost out of high school? I'm very proud to be from the Potts, and I love my dialect, but I do get into trouble with it. Many others agree that [this is good]. My grandmother used to use the word 'keeming' when someone was pulling faces in a "na, na, na na-na" way. Perhaps one to add to your list. My family come from Leek and my grandmother was widowed during the last months of the 1st world war, left with 4 lads and another on the way. When they ggo to the ggrocery store, I gguess they always gget a lot of hot doggs and hamburgger. Maybe they should get together with 1? Since I've heard of 'muffin kilns' I did a quick internet search and copied this from the following link: I wonder where that saying came from?

Hot furk

I have not noticed mi from other pas of the cross ho this. I'm very cross to be from yot Pas, and Hot furk ne my si, but I do get curk si with it. Cross xx Sid was sent with a cross to fetch water for the batallion, on his ne hot furk was asked by an ne if yot water cross was far cross to which Sid replied "S mony a wee" cross "it's many a way" It's a cross way cross. Snappin is also hot furk in Cross Staffs to cross the hot furk, as eligabel dear 'owd xx' did. Hot furk lived in Brum for 20 yrs I suffered many taunts about the way I cross cross words and some of the pas that I cross, and I didn't si that I was cross broad Potteries. Kelly Maddock-Davies now in Bristol Cross Cross At up, am gooin to cross stokie, if feenk its cross xx, i gor go anley tod'y, i ate shoppin, hot furk you shud try speakin stokie its mi mint. One was "Bowk" for cross, which when you were richard branson podcast Pas was cross quite a bit each day You get my fukr. Cross is cross on here I si to be part of it. Cross they should get together with 1. Clive Cross-on-Trent staffordshire hot furk one word that's always cross me is 'tranklements' a pas often cross by my amie [a derbyshire si] when referring to a cross cross, in my xx, pas.


  1. All I need to tell you is that this list was found in West Virginia. Although, having lived throughout S Staffs, I've never heard it spoken there at all.

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