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The outcome can be an execution of a external command. Add numbers for color or subtract to get more contrast etc. A simple breakdown of a small pump can trip an installation. I've worked in several developing countries and have come across both new and old equipment. You slow down the pump or slightly close a valve in the inlet piping to control the flow. Just sent a digital number to a chip like above, amplify it and sent it to a device. Transistor stands for Trans-Resistor, to put it simple: An operator was required to investigate the stall and then tell the PLC by manual input it could run again. A clock pulse is sent to pen 19 and the values on D0-D7 are set.


There is no need to explain here how it is done by the chip and you can read all about it on the internet if you would like to find out. It is almost impossible to anticipate all different factors involved. The latch pivots around the axle of a motor in the middle of the latch. If the sensor gives you a very tiny signal it can now be amplified to a useable signal for an instrument. Very effective for emergency systems but unfortunately often resulting in loss of product or complete stall of the installation when engaged. You are filling a tank. You however most likely would have expected the value 2. Only if the process is table you will obtain maximum yield. The voltage created by the position of the variable resistor is now present at our sampling pen number 8. The Persian king quickly started counting and after let's say 20 squares or so he stopped thinking it would costs him a about a bag of rice or so. But feedback will always be after the fact. The volume sensor will sent the data sensor value to the control room almost in real time. Ideal for visual monitoring of a process parameter. Here you find out why the numbering of D0 starts at 0 and helps you to recalculate what number is represented with the specific state of D0-D7. All 64 bit numbers wide. The larger the resistor, the larger the voltage drop. In installations this is called a trip. A batch process doesn't need the stability as above but the same kind of timing issues determine the outcome. You anticipate when you arrive at maximum level. A computer still needs a room were all output devices are installed. The ball symbolizes the stability of control. The programmer has to know what to do with these numbers before a desired output can be achieved. Even the magnets used inside the instruments were not stable and would lose their magnetic force over time, thus influencing the actual depicted value. In the early days they used sensors which were analogue and they had a specific analog output signal. Compare input 1 temp value room 1 to input 2 temp value room 2 and send outcome to value 3 etc.


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  1. We already learned that transistors can act as switches and it is exactly that function we use in digital electronics.

  2. Sense me Sensors put out an analogue value in volts and this is transported through a wire to the control room. It is all about timing.

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