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Fancy dress african theme

Be anything from a zombie prisoner , to a mime , to a zebra! Sometimes they can be quite niche! There are the obvious characters such as Alice , and the Mad Hatter but then there are Tweedledum and Tweedledee and the white rabbit to think about also. We have a whole Beach Party range you can view here: Disney fancy dress theme - The choices really are endless for a Disney themed fancy dress party! Movie fancy dress theme - Acting legend or leading character in a film, it doesn't matter who or what you go for as long it has been in a film. Cowboys and Indians fancy dress theme - Another classic theme which has been around for ages, but never gets old!

Fancy dress african theme

Beach party fancy dress. Capitalise on this with your own pirates fancy dress themed party. Oktoberfest fancy dress theme - With the increase of popularity of beer festivals, so too has the Oktoberfest fancy dress theme! Knights in not so shining armour, peasants, monks are all great picks. Gone are the days where people just dressed up as Santa Claus , you can now find Christmas trees , elves and even a sexy Mrs. Easter fancy dress theme - This is another theme like Christmas, which only really comes around once a year - but when it does you can really make the most of it! Although dressing up as Grandma and Grandad is not cool, respect your elders! Theme Ideas for your Fancy Dress Party! Tight and Bright fancy dress theme - Skin suits have pretty much changed this theme forever as they are absolutely perfect, being both tight and oh so bright. This very article will provide you with many tips and fancy dress ideas so you can decide once and for all this is going to be the theme for my fancy dress party! Forward role through the front door and army crawl your way straight to the drinks! Disney fancy dress theme - The choices really are endless for a Disney themed fancy dress party! Be a leprechaun or a potato if you pick Ireland, a sheep or a singer if you pick Wales, don a garlic necklace and a beret for France or finally a kangaroo or a shark attack victim for Australia too much? Maybe you are not so ugly that you feel the need to completely cover your face up however and would rather opt for a tight, fluorescent pair of tights. You could go hen night style - working the neon pink - or perhaps even Mr Blobby! Christmas fancy dress theme - Christmas fancy dress can be a great theme around a certain time of year Simply pick famous people from that era or famous fashion choices. Gangsters and Flappers fancy dress party - Here at I Love Fancy Dress we have a vast range of Gangster and Flapper costumes to choose from - it can be for a Gangster and Flapper fancy dress party or a s themed party, you could even stretch it to a s themed party if you like! Grass skirts look just as good on fellas as they do on girls and a plus size bloke wearing a coconut bikini always adds an extra something to the party. Pirates fancy dress theme - Ever since the Pirates of the Caribbean and the remake of Treasure Island - Pirates have certainly come back into fashion! However, your imagination fails you and you just cannot decide on what would be the best theme for your awesome Fancy Dress Party. On the other hand others can go the whole hog and turn up as a Monkey or a Kangaroo! Great examples of Movember costumes are Freddy Mercury, Borat, Charlie Chaplin, and Jack Sparrow - although we would strongly advise turning up as a military dictator. Some may even be able to come without a mask ouch! Alice in Wonderland fancy dress theme - This theme provides you with more options than you would first think!

Fancy dress african theme

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  1. Beach Party fancy dress theme - You could take this one a little differently and go for Victorian Beach Fancy Dress or more mainstream with Hawaiian shorts and shirts.

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