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Etiquette for paying for dinner

Walk on the street side of a sidewalk when walking with a lady. These combinations made Indonesia a complex mixture of traditions that may differ from one place to another. Each of these Indonesian ethnic groups has its own culture and tradition and may speak their own mother language. It is better not to intrude on a private gathering. Saying terima kasih thank you after receiving services or favours demonstrate good manner. The ritualized gesture of asking for forgiveness, paying respect and honoring the elders is the sungkem gesture. He should escort her to the dinner table. Walk on the inside when walking down a sidewalk with a lady. Shake hands with women first, and shake hands again when leaving.

Etiquette for paying for dinner

Although the Danes value close and stable family lives, they have one of the highest divorce rates in Europe. Never toast your hosts until they have toasted you, and never toast anyone senior to you in rank or age. This can be seen in both the village and families. It is not necessary to thank the waiter for every dish they bring, but Southerners usually do. It is important to observe that in Indonesia everyone has a status, no one is equal, and status is situational. Cancel only if there is an emergency. Call your hostess the next day to tell her you enjoyed the evening and write a thank you note immediately. They value tolerance and diversity. Brazil[ edit ] Brazilians speak Portuguese and usually do not refer to it as "Brazilian Portuguese", even though some expressions and spelling can be very different of European Portuguese; there is even a joke about other Brazilians over the people of Rio de Janeiro that they "do not really speak Portuguese", with many phonological differences given how their accent was influenced by Portugal's variant , not Spanish. Smiling, even toward strangers that you are interacting with, or someone that accidentally met your eyes, is considered polite and could be a social ice-breaker and to sign that you are approachable. Business attire is generally conservative. A pitcher of water should be present for any guest who chooses to abstain. Always tell your hostess you enjoyed the evening when you leave. Never call a Dane a Swede or Norwegian. However, the standard "okay" gesture is also used, as is the " thumbs up " gesture. In a restaurant, wait to order until after your host has ordered, and order something that costs the same or less than that of your host. When beginning to eat wait until after the host says "bon appetit! If your host is paying, wait until offered another drink. Turn off your cell phone when entering a theater, church or meeting. For example, when shaking the hand with older persons, such as parents, grandparents and teachers, the younger people or students are expected to touch the back of the elder's palm with the tip of their nose or forehead, this reflects a special respect from the young to the old. In the event that you are disgruntled or angry with a person, it is best to discuss the matter privately. Wearing long-sleeved batik shirt for men and long-sleeved batik dress for women is acceptable for most formal occasions. Retrieved 20 November Some non-religious sites such as keratons sultan's palace and some museums may require modest dress almost similar to religious sites. Do not linger and leave a gentleman standing. It is polite to say "excusez-moi" Haitian Creole:

Etiquette for paying for dinner

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