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Erogenous zones

Feet and toes[ edit ] See also: Experiment with different speeds and pressure to see what works best for the recipient. These zones are apparently mucocutaneous skin. Armpits[ edit ] Some consider the armpits to be an erogenous zone, despite the similarity of the axillae armpits to normal-haired skin in both the density of nerves and hair follicles. Use two fingertips to gently massage the clitoris.

Erogenous zones

Canadian scientists tested the sensitivities of several sexual areas on the female body, including the parts in the perineum area—the area between the anus and vulva—as well as the side boob and nipple. When these muscles are lightly stimulated during foreplay, it causes them to contract in anticipation, which actually boosts arousal. No Meissner's corpuscles and few organized nerve endings are present. Her Abdomen Many women hold a lot of insecurities about their midsection, but the fact is that the abdomen is an extremely erotic area that should not be ignored. Her Head Have you ever been on the receiving end of a scalp massage and felt those warm fuzzy tingles from head to toe? The entire breast has a network of nerve endings, and it has the same number of nerve endings no matter how large the breast is, so that larger breasts may need more stimulation than smaller ones. Use your lips, tongue and teeth to lick, nibble and caress her top and bottom lips. Feet and toes[ edit ] See also: Allow your strokes to get lower and lower, closer to her nether regions, then bring them back up. Start by massaging the pads of her feet, using your thumbs to rub upward in a circular motion. Similarly, massaging the sole of the foot can also produce stimulation. They had 3o healthy women between the ages of 18 and 35 get undressed and lie on a table covered in a bed sheet. When it comes to pressure, the clitoris and nipple are the most sensitive, and the side boob and abdomen are the least. Perfect for what comes next! It also increases blood flow, not just to her brain the largest sex organ, remember? These areas include the sides and back of the neck , the inner arms , the axillae armpits and sides of the thorax chest. The navel is one of the many erogenous zones that has heightened sensitivity. Nonspecific zones[ edit ] In these zones, the skin is similar to normal- haired skin and has the normal high density of nerves and hair follicles. Then you can kiss your way up to her earlobe for a gentle nibble or two before going in for the full lip lock. Try sweeping her hair up and planting gentle, warm kisses along the side of her neck, close to the place you would touch to check a pulse. Many are surprised to find that a foot stimulation can actually be a real turn on! Human fingertips are the second-most sensitive parts of the body, after the tongue. This move will not only help to relax your partner, but also increase blood flow to her pelvic region and increase its sensitivity. Scalp massages are both soothing and sensual: Exaggerated or anticipated digital fingers, toes or oral mouth, lips, tongue stimulation is believed to be responsible for the heightened sensual response. You can even massage her thighs while your perform oral on her, which will stimulate the blood-flow to her genitals, making everything your mouth is doing feel that much better.

Erogenous zones

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  1. Then you can start massaging the area right above her buttocks, using your thumbs to knead either side of but not directly over her spine. These zones are apparently mucocutaneous skin.

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