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El monte batting cages

But the price is dirt cheap to spend the day with buddies or family members who love swinging the bat. This the right place to swing away. My son loves it as a result he's batting 1. Will come back again. The guy behind the desk was very nice too. If you have your own bats and helmet, I'd definitely recommend you bringing it. I been to Little Big Dreams in West Covina, and that place is just too crowded and a little expensive. The guy up front which might be the owner was really nice. During the duration, he came out and had a conversation with me, telling me about his kids and his generation, and we just had a nice conversation before my time was out.

El monte batting cages

They have a small restroom and a couple arcade games out front. This the right place to swing away. It is definitely a gen in El Monte. The sections were well-lit. The owner is friendly, and the price is reasonable. We watched the girls to get some rips in too, and he was more than happy to do it for us. This place has great service--all employees - family owned business. Will be back soon! The machine doesn't get jammed. Good prices for your bang. We handed over some cash that we managed to scrape up with change and wrinkled bills, and he gave us two bats and instructions. Excellent place ro practice baseball or have fun, exactly what you need. This would be my second time. This place is the best proof to show it ain't got to be fancy to get the job done. Owner is a cool guy. The arcade cabinets were turned off and I don't know if they even work. I'm not here to play video games or have snacks. We had girls with us, so for the last 15 min of our time, we asked if he could switch us to the softball cage. Now I'm no expert. At Little Big Dreams you also cannot bring any outside food, but here of course you can have Dominos deliver and they will announce on the loud speaker that your pizza is ready for pick up. Awesome Old school batting cage with a friendly staff. A-1 Discount Batting Cages This business has been claimed by the owner or a representative. Fast pitch, slow pitch, and regular baseball cages available. I thoroughly enjoyed it for my first time at the batting cage. You may get creeped-out by looking at the inside. For a beginner, I found it very difficult to hit the ball, and found myself lunging forward to reach the ball with my bat! Although you can tell the place is a bit run-down, it still gets the job done.

El monte batting cages

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  1. This one was the only one open at the time though so we decided to stop by. But the price is dirt cheap to spend the day with buddies or family members who love swinging the bat.

  2. Arcades are old and no snack bar but that's not what you came for is it? I thought this batting cage was cool because it has a tire you can use as target.

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