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Eastern suburbs illawarra line

The results for culture, proximity to employment hubs, shops, cafes and restaurants drag down the overall score, and the suburb is about average for Sydney in terms of education and main road congestion. Well played, too, for telecommunications coverage and education. The study identified its best features as its harbour views, trains, ferries, proximity to employment hubs and telecommunications coverage. The suburb receives below average scores for buses and open space. Surfers enjoying Manly Beach. Terrace houses in Paddington.

Eastern suburbs illawarra line

It achieves average scores for education, main road congestion, buses and trains, but it blitzes the competition for ferries, harbour views and general leafiness. Train access and crime are about average for Sydney. The railroad location at which the photo was taken. If you are submitting a previously rejected photos with corrections made, please be sure to post a note to the screeners using the "Comments to Screeners" field below letting us know what you've done to improve the image. Manly Vale Bordered on its western side by Manly Dam, Manly Vale is the sixth most liveable suburb on the northern beaches. There suburb is well above the Sydney average for culture, water views, buses and eating out. The study gives Crows Nest average scores for main road congestion. Balmain Once blue-collar heartland, Balmain is ultra-liveable these days, scoring top marks for its culture, cafes, telecommunications and ferry links. Easts opponents in the preliminary final were North Queensland who had finished in 8th position on the table and produced upset victories over Cronulla and Parramatta. The suburb is rated very highly for proximity to employment, shops, cafes and restaurants, tree cover, telecommunications coverage and open space. In the preliminary final against arch rivals Souths, Easts lost the match in what was retiring legend Anthony Minichiello's final game. Though the grand final was played in the era of an obsolete scoring system with 3-point tries, the winning margin using 4 points for tries would mean that it is still a record for a grand final at The study identified its best features as its harbour views, trains, ferries, proximity to employment hubs and telecommunications coverage. If you're already registered, please enter your login details below. In all other categories, it is around about the average for Sydney. The only really low scores are for buses and main roads. Add them to the world's most popular, highest quality rail photo database! It blitzes most of the competition for shopping, eating out, proximity to employment and telecommunications coverage. The crime rate is also relatively low. It has great public transport, dining options, shops, schools and plenty of nearby jobs, too. However the crime rate could be lower, traffic can get heavy and it could use a few more bus stops. It is rated around the middle of the lot for proximity to employment hubs, shops, tree cover and crime but has a long way to go to improve its main road congestion. Killarney Heights Killarney Heights has more liveability highs and lows than most of the suburbs ranked above it in the surrounding area. The jersey worn in the first premiership season consisted of several hoops; red stripes dominated over consecutive smaller white and blue stripes. The only drawbacks identified by the study were main road congestion, crime and scant tree cover. Artarmon is not rated particularly well for traffic congestion. Tree cover is about average and the only below-average score is for crime.

Eastern suburbs illawarra line

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