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Determine your chronotype

In addition to your wake- and bedtimes, the length of your PER3 gene also dictates how much sleep you need. Early birds need more, while night owls need less. As far as your mind is concerned, you're still working. Their peak productivity occurs in the mid-morning and dips during the mid-afternoon slump. Talk to a friend. Subscribe to our monthly newsletter to find out about new content, features and more happening at Tuck!

Determine your chronotype

According to Breus, Lions will make the best decisions first thing in the morning, from 6: Other times, it's reading a book or playing with dozens of apps to find the best one. Subscribe to our monthly newsletter to find out about new content, features and more happening at Tuck! Everything I write requires some form of research. Bears tend to sleep and wake according to the sun, feeling most energetic during the daytime and having no trouble falling asleep at night. Some sleep researchers argue that there are four main chronotypes, instead of two: Use that time to work on tasks that require creativity. If you feel confident with that method, great. Early birds have longer PER3 genes, while night owls have shorter ones. You might even benefit from a quick nap; just keep it under 20 minutes. If you're a lark or a third-bird, you'll have the most luck with analytical tasks that require a lot of focus in the first six hours of your day. Take the second free online quiz to learn your unique chronotype Breus divides everyone into four categories: Dolphins don't really have an equivalent in Pink's approach, so if you think of yourself as Breus' dolphin, use the methods above to determine which of Pink's chronotypes apply to you. For instance, nocturnal animals are active at night, while humans are diurnal — active in the day and at sleep at night. It's a great way to organize tasks into the appropriate time of day for your chronotype—and to keep people from scheduling meetings over your most productive hours of the day. The exercise starts with "Um…" and ends with a pitch for a piece I'm excited to write and not embarrassed to send to my editors. What if you're a night owl forced to work first shift, or if you have no choice but to work on an analytical task all day to hit a deadline? Alternatively, you can use a Zap to automatically create calendar events from your preferred to-do app. Privacy Policy This website stores cookies on your computer. Say work starts at 9: Tuck in your inbox Want to stay in touch? Early birds need more, while night owls need less. According to Pink, creativity thrives when we're more easily distracted because distractions actually help us make connections we might not have made if we were highly focused. I usually already have an outline, so writing is a simple matter of staying focused and getting words on the page. More From Live Smarter. There's a way to improve your productivity and focus, even during your trough:

Determine your chronotype

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  1. As far as your mind is concerned, you're still working. However, there is some consolation for night owls:

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