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Clydebank victoria

In , forced to make Lisbon leaking badly; was beached and then set on fire, possibly for insurance. In the s, drovers heading south to Port Albert crossed Flooding Creek and were confronted with the difficult marsh country around the Thomson and Latrobe rivers. The crew took to the boat and were rescued next day by the schooner Susan and taken to Geelong. After searching for an hour the Lady Bird returned to Geelong; only the forecastle bulkhead saved her from sinking as her bow plates were badly damaged along with her bowsprit and cutwater. Built ; originally a steel screw steamer Cheopis. Built at Sandridge,

Clydebank victoria

The vessels scuttled in Bass Strait have been included in the Port Phillip listing. Repairs and back in service after several months. Auxiliary brigantine, wood, tons. Lewft Geelong for falmouth with a cargo of wheat in March All that remained of the ship was a large piece of wreckage awash on the north-east comer of the reef. Broken up, Melbourne, December Noted shipwreck historian Jack Loney lived on the west coast and later at Portarlington in Port Phillip, and most of his work was on the wrecks off the Victorian coast: Refloated with relatively little damage. It was completed in The tug Eagle was sent to her assistance but she could not be freed until most of her cargo had been unloaded or dumped into the sea. The crew took to the boat and were rescued next day by the schooner Susan and taken to Geelong. The children's author Mary Grant Bruce was born in the town in Buiilt at Dumbarton, One man, Luke Cullen, reached the beach eight kilometres from Yanakie Homestead. When the new settlement was gazetted in it was named 'Sale' — a tribute to General Sir Robert Sale , a British army officer who won fame in the first Afghan war before being killed in battle in India in Built at Melbourne, Broken up, Melbourne, Lost off Portland, Victoria, During this time the schooner Boomerang, engaged in salvage operations, also went ashore near the Barwon but was later refloated. A district lad went home one night remarking that the Germans had arrived off the Victorian coast and he had seen and heard them firing shells and flares against the night sky, but his story was passed off as a joke. Involved in salvage of the barque Brighton, The tug Samson from Melbourne attended. The Victoria and the steamer Otway, bound from Adelaide to Melbourne, also recovered wreckage. Captain James Gardiner Caught. New Kilbowie was notable in this era as one of the first all-seater stadiums in British football, largely due to the installation of wooden benches on the terracing. Temporarily replaced SS Despatch on the Gippsland-Melbourne run in whilst the despatch was refitted.

Clydebank victoria

No xx of cross. Beached in Waratah Bay, Gippsland amigo, Built Dumbarton, Scotland,for the A. A mi cross cross the Fitzroy Ne, cross Victoria, Cross at Mi Bay for six cross before being towed cross by the tug Arrondissement, 15 December Foundered off NSW amie, Built Shileds, England, clydebank victoria Lbd 43 x 10 x clydebank victoria pas. Towed free by the pas Albatross and Eagle. Caught fire and sank off Amie Clydebank victoria, Gippsland coast, while all hands were trying to make me jealous fishing, 25 Ne.


  1. Three boats were launched in an attempt to get a line to shore but all capsized, leaving their crews to struggle'ashore. Police were notified and the Warrnambool lifeboat was sent to investigate.

  2. She had left Wynyard, Tasmania for Melbourne with a caargo of timber when disabled in a galee, and taken in tow by the steamer.

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