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Body language hands crossed in front

A sudden urge Image Source Excuses… Some may say that they use a posture of defensive body language because they just feel comfortable using it, not because they feel threatened, it's nothing personal. So, whether you are on the receiving end of someone pondering, or you are doing the pondering, there are certain gestures that give it away. Did they stride into the room, engage you and maintain eye contact or were they tentative, shuffling towards you with eyes averted, before sliding into a chair? Observing a person's body language you can understand if he or she is telling the truth or lying. In other words nonverbal communication can be considered 'silent language' which serves to express feelings without using words.

Body language hands crossed in front

Some researchers are sure that nonverbal communication is more powerful than verbal communication. The higher the person clenches his hands whilst standing, the more negative he is feeling. Even though the person on the left is transferring his negative energy to the innocent pen, the person on the right is feeling more insecure Suppose a boss is giving instructions to some newly employed juniors. Working With Groups and Disengagement Have you ever delivered a presentation, and had a sense that people weren't really buying into what you had to say? Do you ponder for a few moments before answering? Lying Of all the non-verbal body language that we may observe, being able to tell whether a person is lying or not will stand you in good stead. Crossing the ankles can be an equivalent gesture to biting the lips — a signal that this person is holding something back, not expressing it. This article will explain many of the ways in which we communicate non-verbally, so that you can use these signs and signals to communicate more effectively. What about working with a group to facilitate a consensus on responsibilities and deadlines? When the fisherman shows what he caught the fish, he will show you this with his hands, and whether you will believe the scope of his hands is your business. It's Not All Bad I don't want to leave the impression that defensive body language is all bad and you should always avoid it. Innocence Image Source The "Fig Leaf" Position Another interesting posture is when the hands are crossed over the genitals — also called the "fig leaf" position by experts. In Ghana and in Turkey, sitting with one's legs crossed is extremely offensive. We fold our arms and legs in both cases, but it's actually quite simple to distinguish between them. Crossing the legs, though, can derive from old habits, not a defensive attitude. Some of the common signs that the person you are speaking with may be feeling defensive include: Typical things to look for in confident people include: So even if we really interested in what's being said, a defensive posture may cause us to adopt a closed minded and secluded position. Direct eye contact is a sign of respect and attention in America and Europe; whereas in some Asian countries downcast eyes are a sign of respect and attention. People learn to express the same emotions and attitudes as they did as children only with much more subtlety and self control, especially in societies where it's not appropriate to express feelings publicly. Were you convinced by them? Did they stride into the room, engage you and maintain eye contact or were they tentative, shuffling towards you with eyes averted, before sliding into a chair? You might do this through the use of further questions, or simply by getting to know the person better. When interpreting facial movements, it is important to adhere to the following rules: Completely blocked Image Source What's the difference between being cold and being defensive in body language?

Body language hands crossed in front

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