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Barramundi description

Andy fisher man tryies to catch Barramundi and Mangrove jack but end up catching some nice big Sea Bream Fish. Super clear Crayfish catching, a delicious catch and cook. The glass shrimp and the freshwater crayfish are cleaned before they are turned into a shrimp paste and fried in my pan, this is how you make shrimp toast. I also catch some yabbies crawfish , and small tropical rain forrest fish. We hunt octopuses in crystal clear coral reefs. Andy fisher man then starts off casting big poppers for massive GT or Giant Trevally. I sleep in my hammock with my sleeping bag, pillow and ground mat.

Barramundi description

Catching your own food and cooking is not only great fun, it can save your life in a survival situation. I show you how I cook mud crab on the open fire after a long days fishing. Fish them on a cloudy day and you'll see all kinds of explosive action! Catch and Cook with Oyster, snails, octopus and Stingray. Catching many cod and a very good sized Barramundi. You are not allowed to target these fish, but with the Bass not biting the Cod where hard to avoid. He fishes in slaty estuaries for fish like Barramundi also know as Barra, Mangrove Jack, Salmon or also called Thredfin. It is actually illegal to eat Tilapia when caught in Queensland. We catch and cook all of our own food, survival jungle fishing style. I always push my boundaries in the crocodile infested rivers. I also open a fresh coconut right on the beach and drink the juice, which is very refreshing. I fish with the Samaki Zing pound 6 foot rod and Fin-nor rampage reel topped up with 30 pound braided line and a 30 pound fluorocarbon leader. This is another mouth watering catch and cook episode. Ingredients I use are chilli, lime, lemon, ginger, cumin, coriander, onion, tomato, avocado and salt. The biggest one totally smashed me in the shallow coral. I get smoked by the first one and then manage to land a second GT of around 60cm, which fought much harder than it should have as it was snagged in the side. I love exploring these remote jungle water holes and creeks, these are pristine river systems with some quality fish in them that can be very much fun to catch. I fish with a telescopic travel rod and a sienna reel. I sleep in my hammock with my sleeping bag, pillow and ground mat. We get into so many big Pike, and capture some amazing lure strikes. I throw in some crab pots too, so I may catch a mud crab or two as well. I film some amazing aerial shots while camping on the deck of my boat. The fishing tackle I use is listed below. I fish with a telescopic travel rod and a sienna reel. Trekking deep into the wild Australian jungle I get covered in mosquitos and find the fishing quite hard going.

Barramundi description

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