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That would account for her traveling from Detroit back to Montgomery for the funeral. They had an infant son, Frank Jr. I wondered who she was and what her life was like. Their son Frank, 24, was married and working as a die maker in an auto plant. Alixe Pepper Harris lived to be over year old.


Graham and in front of him, Mrs. The news items were found on Newspapers. Harris and the mother of two children, Frank and Alixe. Fletcher of Talladega, Ala. Children make erroneous pronunciation at the initial stages, which are particularly amusing and frivolous. All the adults had two or more years of college. Edward managed a restaurant. Alexis Harris that I noticed was in an account of Rev. Alixe Pepper Harris lived to be over year old. Alexis Harris, Detroit, Mich; Mrs. The club is working enthusiastically to raise funds to send delegates to the Alabama State Association of the Congregational Church which meets at Talladega College, Talladega, Ala. Those who aspire to be voice-over artists, stand-up performers or even great orators need a couple of simple techniques up their sleeve for greater success. They had an infant son, Frank Jr. Both Alixe and her husband Edward signed the original document of the intention to start a church. My grandfather, Mershell C. Ruby Washington and Mrs. His wife was not employed outside of the home. Jennie Turner, East Grove Street. In , Alixe and her family were living in Detroit. Alexis Harris were appointed delegates. Dillard of Selma; Mr. I have a copy of this photograph that includes my grandfather, Mershell C. Alixe was born in Yazoo County, Mississippi on March 26, She was the youngest daughter of Molli Pepper, a cook. Alixe was not working outside of the house.


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